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Vontobel Asset Management Website

Vontobel Asset Management Website

Vontobel Asset Management is an active asset manager with global reach and a multiboutique approach. In 2017, Vontobel launched a newly branded corporate website. The Asset Management team quickly understood that the client experience on their website was not optimal and they turned to Ginetta to help them analyze the design and overall navigation. Users were struggling to quickly find the right content.

What we were certain of: A rethinking and redesign of the website should put the client in the center and make the website easier to navigate.

Research first

Prioritizing research before moving forward with design improvements was crucial for the Asset Management team and precisely why they included Ginetta in this project.

Although the team was hesitant how these interviews would be received by the clients, in the beginning, our research plan with detailed information on logistics assured them and we were able to recruit eight institutional and intermediary clients for qualitative interviews in the first sprint of the project. We prepared a research plan with detailed information on logistics, interview structure and question script.

vontobel user profile

In addition to qualitative interviews, we conducted quantitative research using tools like Hotjar to generate a heatmap of the website to find out how users were navigating it and Google Analytics to analyze traffic sources and search queries.

Based on our findings, we mapped out the different ways people land on the website and developed suggestions to better guide the user flow.

The more detailed fund and regulatory information I receive on the Website without needing to contact the Asset Manager the better. It’s just quicker and more convenient.
Vontobel Asset Management Client

Leverage content

Vontobel Asset Management believes that clear convictions are a prerequisite for investment success and one key goal in this project was to leverage the insightful content produced by their team in order to support their clients to invest with conviction too.

In the research phase of our project, it became clear to our designers that clients struggled to quickly find specific funds, fund details and contact information. In our design for the funds’ page, we presented all this information clearly structured and at a glance. Our fund detail page also recommended insight articles to encourage users to continue exploring further content and funds.

Embrace obstacles

We identified the transition between the Vontobel corporate website and the Asset Management site as one of the main obstacles. Both sides are completely separate worlds. We connected them by adding hover layers that allow users to easily navigate between both sites.

vontobel hover navigation

Once you enter the Asset Management area the navigation is displayed clearly separated below the Vontobel Logo. The personal user profile is displayed at the right top of the website and can be changed at any time.

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