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With the goal of transforming into a leading insurance provider in Switzerland, Sympany enlisted Ginetta to redesign their website and premium calculator.

During our preliminary research we identified two main problems: the users either don't find their way to the information they're looking for, or they don't understand it. As a side effect they often contact the help desk.

Guiding Principles

In order to come up with the best solution, we defined three guiding principles together with the project team.

Kick-off workshop
Kick-off workshop photo.

Focused on the user

We simplified the user’s primary task, finalizing a quote and purchasing a new policy, from any entry point into Sympany. By integrating the calculator into the website we reduced confusion for the user. Our designers worked closely with content editors to make sure the language plays well with the visual design.

Sympany Homepage
Direct access to the premium calculator on the homepage

User guidance

The new simplified navigation easily leads the user to the information he's looking for. There is not only less content overall but better content that is now logically organized.

Sympany premium calculator
Product overview at a glance

Sustainable growth

The modular design is not only capable of integrating new products in the future, but to continuously adapting to market changes and user feedback.

Modular design
Module example

Visual Design

Based on the existing brand guidelines we rethought the usage of colors and typography to streamline Sympany's visual appearance on the web.

Available on all devices

The mobile layout was taken into account from the beginning of the design process and refined throughout the project directly with the frontend developers.

Responsive layout

Customized Icon Set

To further strengthen the simplicity of the content, we designed a custom icon set for the new Sympany website.

Customized Icon Set for Sympany

State of the art technology

Undoubtedly, the technical tools and performance of the new Sympany were of extremely high priority to the client and to our developers.

Modular design system

Working in close collaboration with designers, a modular system with reusable visual components was created. This approach guarantees consistency and enables us to build the different views efficiently.

Sympany Styleguide
Sympany Styleguide
Sympany Styleguide
Sympany Styleguide

Modular system: typography, colors, buttons and fields.

Unmatched Performance

One important technological aspect of this project was performance. We wanted the app to feel fast (as this is crucial for great user experience) and, as such, we knew we had to go for a Single-Page Application (SPA).

But equally as important was how fast it was for the app to load. We wanted users to see content as fast as possible. So we made all templates compile on both the server and the client making Sympany the first swiss insurance isomorphic web application.

Modern Tech Stack

To create a modular web application with unpar performance, we made use of state-of-the-art technologies such as React, Babel, Webpack, Sass and Gulp.

Tech Stack
Integrating the calculator into the website was challenging and fun at the same time. Having only one source of information makes it easier to understand and select suitable products.
  • Angela Dannhorn


  • Ingvi Jonasson


  • Peter Braden


  • Silva Skenderi-Brown

    Client Partner

  • Stefan Pfister


  • Sylvain Morger

    User Research