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Paid online sessions, no monthly costs

PAYCALL connects people with specific experts from around the world, in-context, quickly and easily. The service is offered by a Swiss startup - Headstore - whose mission is to help experts, coaches, teachers, advisors and other professionals to better conduct online business.

Experts can run paid online sessions with customers via voice and video chat. The customers pay by credit card once the call is over - there are no monthly costs.

The call-to-action module that fits everywhere

The entry point of every PAYCALL consulting session is a module that can be integrated in any target webpage. We optimized and designed it for maximal conversion of potential callers.

Get users to share their knowledge

Headstore also aimed to get more users to register as experts. Therefore, another task of the re-design project was to create an efficient, fast and transparent flow for the expert's portal.

Becoming an expert in 3 easy steps

Real time profile creation

Availability to see in real time how the card and profile will look. No extra changes needed afterwards.
Export Flow
Real-time profile creation screencast.

One click to get paid

One time connection to Stripe sets you up to get paid for sharing your expertise. Fast, easy and secure.
Connect to Stripe
Stripe integration screenshot.

Find the best hourly rate

Calculate the best call rates for you. Transparent and adjusted to your needs.

Customize your rates
Call rate customization screencast.
It was a great challenge to work closely together with the Paycall tech team and to make their product more beautiful and user friendly. We as designers learned a lot about how to balance rational and creative thinking.
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    Inês João


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    Marvin-Sebastian Karácsony

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    Sylvain Morger

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