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Helsana Premium Calculator

Helsana Premium Calculator

31% more offers requested

Helsana Group is the leading Swiss health insurance company. Its Premium Calculator is the core of Helsana's website. It helps the user understand insurance better and supports consumer decision-making. The launch of the calculator resulted in 31% more policies sold online.

Simple, personal, and smart guide to revolutionize Swiss health insurance

Online consultation is intended to strengthen the online channel in direct sales, speed-up and digitalize processes, and provide a better structured customer service. In a first scope meeting with the client, we identified 3 main goals:

Two major challenges

In the concept phase and during interviews, we received insight on user needs and painpoints. We identified 2 major usability issues:

  1. Health insurance products are not always transparent
    Prices, benefits, coverage and options are difficult to understand and leave the user feeling uncertain. The challenge was to design transparent, understandable and convincing products.
  2. Insurance products are highly intangible
    Insurance products are based on statistical probabilities that most people do not understand. The interviews and user tests showed that users had a negative perceptions and experiences with insurances. To build a relationship between customer and insurance company, three success factors are crucial: Trust, personalisation and technology (e.g. performance).

Iterative approach

The design process was carried out in 7 sprints. In each two-week sprint we concretized the designs in the form of a clickable prototype. These prototypes were tested with users from the target group. The insights were taken into the next sprint.

Illustration of process flow diagramm


Every sprint started with a kickoff workshop with all project members. Through this collaborative approach, we could profit from all the expertise - insurance knowledge, knowledge of customers and design expertise. On the basis of existing knowledge, gained from studies and surveys, we created 3 hypothetical personas. The motives, goals, needs and expectations of these personas were validated with potential users.


In the first interface sprint we worked out the specific requirements from the previously defined scope. This we translated in rudimentary screenflows, content elements, page layout and interaction patterns. The outcome was 6 potential ideas.

Four photos of interface scribbles

These ideas were translated into clickable prototypes and tested with users from the target group. In the following sprint we continued working on the prototypes that performed best. The insights of the test were taken into the next sprint and helped to concretize the design.



The first of its kind

We have developed a solution for Helsana that set a new benchmark in Switzerland within a year. It was copied by a handful of competitors in the next two years.

Screenshot of the first release of the Helsana calculator
Helsana 2014
Screenshot of the release of the Visana calculator
Visana 2015
Screenshot of the release of Atupri calculator
Atupri 2016

Competition flow comparison

Competitors copied the whole flow almost 1:1 which made us proud of our work with Helsana. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The work of Ginetta is distinguished by a clear design language, creativity and high commitment. Ginetta combines visual appeal with clear guidance for the user.
Anne-Katrin Maser

Head Online and Direct Sales at Helsana

The Evolution

In the same year as the launch, we already iterated and optimized again, so our client Helsana stays one step ahead.

  • Clear, simple and quick
    When customers look for insurance coverage, they build their decision on 3 main factors: Benefits, coverage, price. Often it is a mix of various information according to their basic needs and attitudes. We found that a comparison tool has the highest relevance to find the best personal solution, almost regardless of customer type.
  • Fast to recognize
    The icons convey important benefits more vividly and memorably than just text. The same icons are used in several places to support the notion of the “product family”. The table header allows the user to quickly scan the most important information (Benefits, Coverage and Price). The overview is transparent and easy to understand.
  • Transparent and personalised
    For those users that need more detailed information the list ensures that users can evaluate the advantages (and disadvantages) of a product and compare them. The complex information is brief and clear, in “everyday language”, not industry jargon.
Screenshot of product comparison

The Solution - individual insurance in 3 steps:

1. Choose the Benefits

The tests showed that on an abstract level, customers know what benefits they want and need from insurance.

Screenshot of selected benefits by the user

2. Get the best solution

Based on the previously selected benefits we can propose the optimal products that fit the individual needs.

Screenshot of selected products by the user

3. Inform and compare products

The product details are optimised so that users can evaluate the advantages (and disadvantages) of a product and compare them.

Screenshot of product comparison page


Among other improvements we introduced three important innovations:

Validating our design with real users was essential to achieving our goals with an intangible product like insurance. But the iterative process was not enough. Collaborating with the internal team at Helsana was key to expanding our domain knowledge and providing customers with a delightful experience.
  • Image of Simon Raess

    Simon Raess

    Design Strategy

  • Image of Angela Dannhorn

    Angela Dannhorn

    Interaction Design

  • Image of Tibor Kranjc

    Tibor Kranjc

    Interaction Design

  • Image of Simone Reichlin

    Simone Reichlin

    UX Research

  • Marvin-Sebastian Karácsony

    Marvin-Sebastian Karácsony

    Client Partner