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Swisscom DocSafe

Swisscom DocSafe

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland. Its web application Docsafe facilitates management of invoices and other important documents for Swisscom clients. Ginetta developed the interaction and visual design concepts for DocSafe and managed its implementation.

Goals in focus

DocSafe makes it easy to process confidential documents. Users can receive, sort, and securely archive documents from third parties. In the future, even invoices can be paid and documents signed directly in the application. The goals of the redesign were:

  • Guide the user through an intuitive interface
  • Simplify existing functionality
  • Optimize for tablet presentation
  • Strengthen Swisscom brand values and build trust
  • Make inclusion of third-party content possible
Sketches from the concept phase.

Powerfully simple

Attention to detail

As soon as the user chooses a label, actions like «rename», «delete», and «share» appear. By clicking on the label itself, a new color can be selected for it.


Desktop to tablet layout

DocSafe is optimized with complete functionality for desktop and tablet.

Docsafe on tablet

A team effort

  • Simon Raess

    Simon Raess


  • Tanya Wüthrich

    Tanya Wüthrich


  • Tibor Kranjc

    Tibor Kranjc


  • David Aerne

    David Aerne


  • David Tschapnitzky

    David Tschapnitzky

    User Research