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aroov is a revolutionary portal that accompanies property management and tenants through the entire application and rental process.

Ginetta has been supporting the aroov core team and helped to create the tenant- and property manager platform. We focused on a user-centered concept, interface design and took great care of the front-end development. After the launch of the platform we continuously support the expansion with additional functions.

aroov desktop

With tenants on one side and property managers on the other, aroov serves two very different target groups with different needs and outlooks on the tool. We solved this problem by conducting intensive research throughout the whole project.

For tenants

For property managers

Within 6 months aroov has grown from a small innovation team into an independent start-up with its own development capacities. During this time Ginetta has always adapted flexibly to the changing circumstances and needs of aroov. Together we shaped new modes of cooperation and transition and learned a lot along the way.
Matthias Frieden

Managing Director at aroov

  • Alan Ganguillet

    Alan Ganguillet

    Concept & Design

  • Andreas Dobler

    Andreas Dobler

    Concept & Design

  • Corina Bertschi

    Corina Bertschi

    Concept & Design

  • Dominik Bruderer

    Dominik Bruderer


  • Frank Salathé

    Frank Salathé

    Client Partner

  • Mara Hellstern

    Mara Hellstern

    User Research

  • Oliver Walker

    Oliver Walker


  • Sophia Littlejohn

    Sophia Littlejohn